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MacBook Adapter day in the corridor at the same time kissing her kind of strange feeling, his Mouguang not help more and more deep. He did not expect, at this time is obviously in a coma, even so he slammed heart this feeling in the slightest chattering with a touch of light, Yi even this date did not even have to give him Ms. Slowly bowed his head, he looked at the two although the loss of color is still strong to attract their own eyes petite lip, Mou sank, could not help but want a pro Ze Cough, the emperor, for the minister can turn it Huaheng cough again, so Regulus Ze mind a clear, realized that he had just to kiss her. And she was in a coma at this time, who still hurt, damn He thought he was crazy Can it Pretending to stand up deep, Regulus Ze found that his voice was slightly dark. Fortunately, the response to the Huaheng moment not to be noticed, only a deep breath, lamented that he can finally turned around. MacBook Adapter Then, he turned to see the bed that seductive and reveals a trace of ethereal beauty of the Queen, the Junmou also subconsciously a move, stature also slow half a beat. Huaheng, if you do not cure the empress today, I will.gative effect. On the Regulus Ze, the macbook pro adapter burnt body of some of big w macbook pro charger the points to his almost all know, but the top of the Baihui point but the MacBook Adapter first hundred points, one is not allowed to hurt the brain, so he did not dare to Huaheng a half minutes Poor pool. Huayheng poor looking, is in front of people is the emperor, at the moment he also dissatisfied with the attitude Wei Chen Shi reason why not let others in the side of MacBook Adapter the needle, Is the need for a very focused and rapid application of the needle method without any external impact.Therefore, please rest assured the emperor, Wei Chen is willing to use the head of the head for security, to be under the micro root of the root of this silver needle after another half an hour, That lance will automatically swim out. As a practitioner, often at the time of the application of the most unwarranted others to avoid interruption, otherwise the consequences will be less effective. Fortunately, the emperor had just not hinder themselves, otherwise the application of macbook pro charger apple today s needle will really be to his miserable, that time can really be his words, his head on the head does not guarantee. Well, I will w.

ted to live, so Yunqing accidental atrial jump, Mouguang light flashing about. His voice reveals a trace of Yunqing can not ignore the anger and scared, and he did apple 45w magsafe 2 power adapter for macbook air not finish, then let her think of last night stumbled, it seems who is very gentle pull for their own quilt, and carefully picked up to the Yourself, give yourself water to drink She always thought it was Peach or small pink in the care of their own, but did not expect, turned out to be him. Think of this, her face not help flush floating, uncomfortable do not open your eyes, and then did not speak. Yes ah, we did not think that the five princes still have a conscience, actually quietly help us, but also happened to arrive yesterday in a timely manner, only to save the lady lucky, and also alarmed the Queen Mother her elderly, the Queen Mother has now let the emperor Choose the intended purpose, only to wait for a recovery of the body of the body, they can once again move back to Jinfeng Palace. Bi Tao s voice has not conceal the joy, said Miss this time can be considered a blessing in disguise, the only cost is the lady suffered a lot of suffering, can almost s.not know why the emperor Miss Chuan to the Church on the top, this is too incredible. That often male public Yunqing quickly get out of bed, though not understand anything, but not neglect. Peach MacBook Adapter busy approached to help, should be in the hall waiting outside. Oh. Yunqing nodded, wash finished only to find, even Peach Peach Palace to their own comb, not help laughing Peach is not want me to wear the top after the crown, right Yes, Miss is a country, the court on top of the civil and military officials are in, Miss can be too shabby Bi Peach of course, should be unequivocally Hao, hands are not idle. See her really want to bring the crest MacBook Adapter of the crown, Yunqing scared to get up and stunned, Chen Dao Silly Bi Tao, not only in the past about the Tai Chi Temple, not to meet with other countries envoys, my queen as long as some dignified dress it , Why so orthodox. Besides, you do not know how heavy it Then, Yunqing scared to touch the neck, the day of the wedding seems to have pain, she is no longer willing to wear macbook pro 12v adapter more. This Peach difficult, see Yunqing Hao do not care about the way, had to hold down her again, insisted Do not.redible. After he will Kam roll a collection, free to put into his macbook pro network adapter sleeve, snorting okay. Yunqing lips a hook, Meimou reflected on the dash of laughter, looking at Xuanyuan Ze want to pick assassination but not lug the depressed mood, but her heart was also funny. See her this obvious smile, Regulus Ze face more black, but partial and can not attack. A sharp assassination of the eyes slanting assassination, Yunqing eyebrows a pick, turned around and some unexpectedly went up a pair of Junmou Junmou. At the same time, there macbook pro charger is orange are other hidden in the cloud behind the hidden MacBook Adapter jealous eyes, is tightly staring at her back, like to use her eyes to Kenshi. Then, under the urging of Szeto jade, Xuanyuan Ze with Yunqing and He Ruoyan and others to leave. To see the crowd away, Szeto Jade has called the walk in the back of the Xuan Yuan Yi, Fang Fei brought a black cloak, to put on his Outside the wind, Yi children be careful not to catch cold. Mother is still a good break from it, not cold child. Coldly refused the kindness of Szeto jade, Xuan Yuan Yi Junmou no longer see Szeto jade MacBook Adapter that slightly sad eyes, indifferent turned and left. She bro.

MacBook Adapter hip was screaming came panic, but only the person fluttering white, Yufeng and line, though not stern is the hull as the enclave straight into MacBook Adapter the direction of Yunqing clear MacBook Adapter water waves away. Miss, Miss Peach piercing cries, clearly spread throughout the Cuiwei Palace, but also to Yunqing mind raw pain, but no longer open your eyes The eightieth chapter gathered in Cuiwei Palace Night fell, starry decoration, has always been desolate Cuiwei Palace even unprecedented excitement, brightly lit everywhere, the lake is also reddish light, the glowing soft luster. At the moment, Cuiwei Palace seems to be carrying on a grand festival celebration, coming and going of people constantly, one after another, all surrounded by their own masters, attendants before and after entering this side for many years no one was concerned about Cold palace. First came here, is invited by the five princes asked the young imperial doctor Huaheng, at the moment he only took a portable medical practitioners, is to stay in the inner hall of Lu Yunqing diagnosis and treatment. And finally came here, is specially invited by the Queen Mother of the affairs of the Imperial Household Department of the Imperial Palace, which ring with a ring, and both are places MacBook Adapter as the Queen should be managed. Spring difficulties summer lack of autumn weakness, MacBook Adapter winter just sleep, my God, the mirror drowsy Chapter 92 of the draft of the matter Now the palace among the human single Pu, if there is a concubine in the future to promote, that she will be in charge of the palace of the personnel uprising, which require the nomination of the masters of the palace, and then by the Queen s approval. Individual exceptions nominated by the emperor himself As well as the empress who have the right to endorsement of the living note , has always been handed over macbook pro adapter blinking to the Queen to sign the grant, if the MacBook Adapter emperor Lin Xing which concubine, and the Queen did not record that day, that this concubine will not represent Lin macbook pro charger 2013 Xing , So she did not rise the chance. Of course, this is also the individual by the Emperor personally nominated by exception macbook pro charger 50-60hz In short, Fang Fei Yunqing harem in to the living note of the watch, MacBook Adapter deliberately stressed that Yunqing as a queen should maintain the fair. Be sure to persuade the.